2. 観光地・店舗
  3. 伊豆山神社と走り湯



If you go down the slope in front of the inn and turn left and walk a little along the route 135 , you can see “Aizome-bashi” bridge which is painted in vermilion. Going over the bridge , you will see the underlying pedestrian crossing with traffic lights. The descending way is to “Hashiri yu”, and ascending way is to Izusan Shrine. First of all, let’s go down to the lower hand. When you go down the stone steps, there is an old hot spring “Hashiri yu” with a history of 1,300 years at the source of Izusan Hot Spring Village, and 170 liters 70℃ of hot water still gushes out every minute from the cave of 5 m in the depth. It is not far from the inn, so please take a walk and see it. After the tour of the Hashiri yu , you should go up the stone steps that came to the top, you will see the torii gate of Izusan Shrine, an old shrine related to Yoritomo and Masako. This is the very place where Yoritomo Minamoto and Masako Hojo have met undercover. There is a “stool stone” in the middle of a quiet shrine. They say that it is the place where the ancient lovers have told through the night .It is said that there was an old shinto ceremony that prayed to the gods the marriage between men and women may come true, and it is said that it was held with the attendance of young men and women gathered from various places of Japan.

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